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Semi-Serious Beginner’s Guide to The Northwest Flower and Garden Show

The Northwest Flower and Garden show is coming! February 23rd thru 27th, Wednesday thru Sunday.

Despite its popularity, I believe the garden show tends to Read more

First Column for MyEdmondsNews an Introduction

Below is the first column I wrote for I thought I’d repeat it here because readership doesn’t necessarily overlap with my blog and I’ve never really written about myself on this blog. Look for my next article coming out this Wednesday the 2nd about the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Hope you like it. Read more

The First Bloom of the New Year 2011

It’s just over a week since the winter solstice. The days are getting longer from here on ’til summer. That doesn’t mean it’s getting warmer though. In fact, the gloomiest days are coming as winter promises to drag on for at least two more months. That’s why it’s so nice to find, amongst the snow that has fallen silently through last night’s sky, the flowers, all bright red and orange, blooming on the witch hazel in our back yard. Read more

Coppice Book Project

Here is an interesting project that is looking for funding. The Kickstarter program officially ends today but you can still donate after the close.

In the category of ‘what’s old is new’, coppicing may become an important part of our near future as fossil fuel sources are reaching their peak availability. Coppicing can provide fuel crops for masonry stoves as well as material for sustainable crafts and many other uses. Read more

Landscaping Large Scale: Seoul Replaces Freeway with Urban Stream

The story of Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon river provides a master class on landscaping large scale. It presents an exceptional look back through the history of the industrial revolution as well as a forward looking example of modern urban landscape design.

The start of the restored stream at night. (Pic from

Read more

Funny Bit About a Local Goat Rental Company – Colbert Report

The Colbert Report taped this bit about a local company called Rent-a-Ruminant. They rent goats to eat your landscape!

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
People Destroying America- Goats Steal Landscaping Jobs
Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election March to Keep Fear Alive

Donation to the Local Community Park – a chance to use the Dowelmax

I hope the community park users enjoy our donation. It’s a picnic table we built out of some framing lumber we had, just sitting around asking to be made into something. The table top is a solid (joined) piece of wood. So are the bench seats. Gave me a chance to try out my new joining jig – a Dowelmax. This is one sweet piece of machined aluminum! Reminds me of Read more

Landscaping Large Scale: Pedestrian Streets

I’m not just interested in how landscape design can improve our home lives. Our cities can do a lot to improve public landscapes to enhance quality of life for everyone. The following are two examples, near and far, about how our lives can be improved by simply making our urban environment more friendly to people instead of automobiles. Read more

Another Article Reinforces Gardening is Good for your Health

Nice article in the Seattle Times (original source: Daily Press) about the healthy effects of chemical free gardening. In case you missed it, link here:

Ed Alexander Story – Seattle Times

Photo by: Joe Fudge / McClatchy Newspapers


Ed Alexander is 84 years old and has lived longer than both his father and grandfather by 23 years. He attributes his health to gardening and Read more

Business Model for the Future

I was reading an article about Leslie Blodgett, a CEO of the cosmetics company, Bare Escentuals (of all things not landscaping). The article is summed up with her words: “I don’t want to be a business, I want to be a community”. This struck a cord with me. It is similar to why I went into landscaping as a business. Not for profits but to fulfill a need that our community has for a connection to Read more

What a Great Idea for Using Compost

I’ve been following a blog by Rob Frost called: One Straw. It’s about an individual making a real contribution toward a truly sustainable future.

I had to add this link to one of Rob’s projects that is really exciting. Read more

Tale Told by a Dead Daphne

We pulled a dead Daphne from the ground this spring, planted a year and a half prior. Like detectives on the trail of a mysterious plant killer, we removed the plant from the crime scene and sent it off to the lab. The lab was a couple feet away where the garden hose was. We washed off Read more

Hot Diggity, ‘Digging Dog Nursery’ Plants Arrive

We had the opportunity to order plants from Digging Dog Nursery from Albion, CA. Which to be honest, I don’t know exactly where that is. I mean I can look up on a map and see it is about 40% of the way between San Francisco and the Oregon border and on the ocean. So it seems like their climate isn’t hellishly different than our mild weather we get here in the Seattle area. I’ve driven down good old highway 101 thru CA, so I must have passed thru there at some point. It seems a little strange to buy plants from Read more

Small Improvement to an Existing Design

Take a look at this picture of a design as we originally installed it several years ago. There are two “errors” you can see that we recently corrected. Read more

Some things we learned about Land Surveying

Why Get Yourself a Land Survey?

The big lesson about surveying is: Don’t build anything on land that is in dispute. If you’re wrong you could be taking down what was just built, at your own expense. Plus it is just the right thing to do – stay on your own property and respect your neighbor’s rights, as you would have them respect yours.

It is so common when we do a property line fence that Read more

Broadview Garden Phase 2: circular patio, Trex deck, trellised fence, raised planters

[editor’s note: this was originally posted on 3/26/10 by Licia on LiciaBeads blog]

We build gardens. Call us and get your dream garden to stay outside in.

Garden installation by Ginkgo Landscape Design, serving Seattle northward to Edmonds and select Eastside locations.

As we go along in a landscape it comes along slowly but eventually prompts a lot of reaction from the homeowners as well as Read more

Stucco Raised Planter Project

Photo essay on the building of concrete raised planters with a soft stucco finish for one of our clients.

In this photo you can see the concrete foundation and the blocks we used to build the curved walls. We used masonry block construction instead Read more

Why should I get a landscape design plan?

Get a plan or plan on failing.

In landscaping and life in general, there are certainly many, many more ways to screw things up than there are ways of doing things right. And doing things really well is even more rare and difficult.

It’s like building a house. Most people recognize that design and planning are necessary parts of building a house. This is not just to meet code. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a kitchen remodel only to find Read more