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Thatch In Your Lawn. What Is It and What Can You Do About It

What is thatch?

Like every plant, grass goes through a natural cycle of growing various parts that are later abandoned as new growth takes over. Like leaves falling from trees in autumn, the blades of grass, the runners, and the roots die off in a natural cycle throughout the year. Read more

Zoo Doo

I am the ecstatic winner of the Zoo Doo lottery!

That means I was chosen to take a truck load of Read more

An Orchard In the Front Yard

This a continuation from the article, The Transition Movement, where I decided one of the ways I would like to add resilience to my family’s life is to plant a small orchard in our front yard. This is an immediate response to the problems of Peak Oil and Climate Change as we Read more

The Transition Movement

Last January I wrote about the possible effects of Peak Oil and Climate Change on landscaping. The effects will extend well beyond landscaping, of course. However, what better place to start doing something about these problems than the landscape just outside our door? Read more

Landscaping in 2013 and Beyond

Why it will never be quite the same

What if I told you Climate Change was only one half of the biggest problem we face today? What’s the other half? Kim Kardashian? There’s some truth in that but I was thinking more along the lines of Peak Oil? It hasn’t been on the radar of the general public since Read more

Bark Inclusion: What Is It and What Can You Do About It?

Trees are life giving plants. They feed other creatures at all levels of the food chain and modify the local environment in a positive way. Personally, they’ve provided us with wood for the shelter we call our home and firewood to keep us warm by the light of a wood stove in the early darkness of cold winter nights. Read more

Taking Down Our Maple Tree

Here’s a story about our maple tree that got too big, started to rot, and had to be chopped down. That part is sad but there are things to look forward to now that it’s gone. Read more

How to Build a Stucco Raised Planter, In Pictures, Part II

The following is Part 2 of a photo guide showing one method for building a raised planter out of masonry. You can find Part I of this article here. This example comes from our backyard. Please read the Disclaimers from Part I before even thinking about starting this project because some things you may want to do differently. Read more

Funny Video About Poop in a Bucket, by Ric Sternberg

To tie in with my article on the $42 million toilet,

here is a funny video created by Ric Sternberg

How to Build a Stucco Raised Planter, In Pictures, Part I

The following is a photo guide showing one method for building a raised planter out of masonry. But before we get to the pictures, first some more words: Read more

A $42 Million Toilet for Your Garden

Dear Bill Gates,

Your search is over. Please send me the $42 million. I have invented the toilet you are searching for. Read more

Growing Landscapes Organically

In the previous article, I covered why growing food organically was so important for our everyday lives and our children’s future. We can apply the same principles at home to grow safe and healthy landscapes. Read more

What is Growing Food Organically Really All About?, Part II

(Continued from Part I…)

Organic growing is about working with Nature. And I don’t mean beating drums in the middle of the night within a circle of candles at Read more

What is Growing Food Organically Really All About?

Part I: The Real Deal, Organically Speaking

Is Organic farming really just about a getting in touch with Nature? Does Organic farming mean getting out your Gaia drum and beating a rhythm while march through the crop rows? Do tomatoes grow better to a salsa beat, potatoes to a Celtic jig? Does burning incense add flavor to crops? Read more

Native Plants Part 3: Landscape Design Should Include Habitat Restoration

Great to have received such passionate comments to Part 2 of my article on Native Plants. It’s great that they were thoughtful and Read more

Native Plants Part 2: Non-Native Plants – The Immigrants

Part 1 of this series was about love and good feelings for Native Plants. In part 2, hold on to your garden pants, there’s going to be a bit of a native plant smackdown. In this article the unwarranted hype surrounding planting natives will be body-slammed in a Read more

Native Plants Part 1: Favorites for Your Small NW Garden

The following NW native plants earned their status as favorites for having good foliage, all-around toughness, and ease of growth while still being beautiful and functional plants that will fit a smaller city garden.

One of the challenges of Pacific NW native plants is that they are typically, how shall we say this… subtle. Does this mean dull and depressing? This recently unearthed Haiku from an early Japanese settler may enlighten us to the beauty of the original NW landscape: Read more